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About us - Metallurgical and processes specialists

The competitiveness of a company is the ability to innovate.

For over 30 years, ECOTRE, top ranked Casting Simulation dealer in Europe, is the exclusive distributor in Italy of cutting-edge simulation software: QuikCAST, ProCAST and DEFORM.

QuikCAST and ProCAST are casting simulation software, property of ESI-GROUP, the only company in the world with two technologies for foundry and steel mills.

ProCAST uses the Finite Elements technology (FEM), which, at the state-of-the-art, is the most efficient and reliable method.

Whereas QuikCAST makes use of the Finite Differences technology (FDM), a good compromise between costs and performance.

Another successful brand is DEFORM, by the American SFTC. DEFORM was created in 1980 and is dedicated to the simulation of metal deformation processes, such as forging, deep drawing, heading, extrusion, rolling, machining and heat treatment.

ECOTRE, in addition to being distributor of the above-mentioned software, offers process simulation and co-design services, vacuum application services, consultancy and process courses, design, co-design and simulation software.

It is also the area representative agent for SIMAC robotic automation.

I fondatori di Ecotre Valente - specialisti metallurgici e di processo

Tiziano and Maria Valente, founders of Ecotre Valente Srl

La direzione di Ecotre Valente - specialisti metallurgici e di processo

Lorenzo Valente, CEO of Ecotre Valente Srl

Our values

ECOTRE inspires its activities to full compliance with legislative standards and international and Italian regulations, as well as its in-house company rules, by virtue of which ECOTRE is committed to acting correctly and openly, with behaviour characterised by loyalty, sense of responsibility, good faith and collaboration.

In particular, with regard to its Customers, ECOTRE intends on meeting their different requirements by providing services that are high quality, efficient and at equal conditions, avoiding discriminatory or incorrect conduct.

ECOTRE has a correct and honest relationship with its competitors, operating on the market in compliance with the principles of competitiveness, loyal competition and good faith, as well as guaranteeing its impartiality.

In relationships with contractual counterparts, ECOTRE activities are inspired by the principles of honesty, loyalty, availability and transparency, and are supported by competence, professionalism, dedication and efficiency criteria.

specialisti metallurgici e di processo

Our history


New centre for simulation applied to manufacturing processes, in particular foundry and steel mills, at the University of Reggio Emilia, with the installation of ProCAST software licenses.


New "Metal Binder Jetting technological centre" by Corsa3D, TAV and Ecotre.


Ecotre was selected by the Polytechnic University of Milan to give lessons on applied metallurgy using advanced technologies such as the ProCAST foundry simulation software and DEFORM forming, forging and rolling simulation software.


First European virtual centre.


Metef Innovation Award.
Teacher of LPDC school for casting and vacuum simulation.


First virtual integration between die casting simulation with ProCAST and Trimming & Shearing with DEFORM.


Teacher of HPDC school for casting and vacuum simulation.


First virtual integration of ingot casting and forging.


First virtual integration of rolling continuous casting.


Realisation of the first low-pressure vacuum application worldwide for automotive structural castings.


Membership at AIM, Associazione Italiana di Metallurgia (Italian Metallurgy Association). ECOTRE specialists in three AIM Technical Committees for Die casting, Forging and Plastic Deformation to contribute to the innovation of Italian companies.


New distribution contract in Italy of the Hot and Cold Forming, Forging, Rolling and Machining Simulation Software.


Recognition of Officine Meccaniche Rezzatesi as winning supplier.


Creation, together with Inntec, of the Die casting Centre of Excellence in Brescia at the Faculty of Engineering.


Bburago award/Zama Diecasting as excellent vacuum supplier.


Exclusive Distributor Contract for Italy of the Casting Simulation Software, for all Foundry, Steel Mills and all Material processes.


SIR agency, robotic automation.


Exclusive Distributor Contract for Italy of Vacuum technology for Die casting.


Tecnofirma Agency, Washing and Coating machines.


ECOTRE VALENTE – Cutting-Edge Technologies founded in Brescia as industrial representation agency for Italian and foreign companies manufacturers of high-tech systems.

Our team


ECOTRE is in an International Group of over 1500 people.

Its territory of Competence is Italy, companies with foreign branches and plants can count on ECOTRE coworkers worldwide.

ECOTRE also actively supports schools and universities to train new metallurgy technicians and engineers with QuikCAST Light, QuinCAST, ProCAST and DEFORM.

Dr. Tiziano Valente

• Chairman and Founder

Dr. Lorenzo Valente, Engineer

• Teacher at Die casting, Low-Pressure and Cast-Iron School
• Member of the Die casting Technical Committee of the Italian Metallurgy Association

Dr. Cristian Viscardi, Engineer

• Technical Director and R&D Manager
• Member of the Forging, Heat Treatment and Metallography Technical Committee of the Italian Metallurgy Association
• Teacher of courses at University of Brescia and Polytechnic University of Milan

Dr. Tamara Massaroni

• Chief Administrative Officer

Dr. Nicola Vezzoli, Engineer

• Technician-Sales agent

Dr. Flavio Ricchini, Engineer

• Technical Support
• Training Manager
• Member of the Light Metals Technical Committee of the Italian Metallurgy Association

Dr. Stefano Bertoni, Engineer

• Technical Support
• Technical Assistance Manager
• Member of the Plastic Materials Processes Technical Committee of the Italian Metallurgy Association

Dr. Fabio Scaravelli, Engineer

• Technical Support
• Simulation Software Licenses Manager

Dr. Nicola Federici, Engineer

• Technical Support
• New Companies Service Manager

Dr. Silvia Arrighi, Engineer

• Technical Support

Ecotre Valente - metallurigical and processes specialist

Ecotre Valente team at work

Simulazione metallurgica: la squadra tecnica di specialisti metallurgici e di processo

Our metallurgical technologists, metallurgical and process specialists


ESI - QuikCAST Light, QuikCAST and ProCAST

QuikCAST Light, QuikCAST and ProCAST, software for CAE engineering produced by ESI GROUP, leader in consultancy projects with over 1,300 experts available
The QuikCAST Light, QuikCAST and ProCAST casting simulators are manufactured by ESI-Group, a French company which from the 70s to date has enjoyed enormous growth on the international market, with production plants in over 30 countries with a total of 1,300 employees. The two software programs originated in 1982. ProCAST was created in the USA by a satellite company of NASA, acquired by ESI-Group in 2003; while QuikCAST is acquired by ESI-Group in the 90s by the French Pechiney.

ESI-Group is the only company in the world to produce two simulators for foundry and steel mills. QuikCAST Light, QuikCAST and ProCAST simulate the casting process using two different technologies:
-ProCAST: Finite Elements technology (FEM): at the state-of-the-art is absolutely the most refined and efficient.
-QuikCAST Light/QuikCAST.: Finite Differences or Control volumes technology (FDM): it is a good compromise between cost and performance.

The simulation shows the filling, solidification, stress, heat treatment and microstructure, identifying metallurgical defects, mechanical properties and deformations. This information is analysed in preview at the computer, in a precise, easy and quick way: this allows you to choose the best solution at the lowest cost. Casting simulators are an essential tool in an ever-demanding market that requires difficult workpieces in very short times, making it no longer possible to make mistakes, try and sample. QuikCAST Light, QuikCAST and ProCAST are simple, quick and exact, and can be used by everyone: by the holder of the workpiece, by the designer, by the die maker and by the metal caster.


Scientific Forming Technologies Corporation, world leader in material process simulation.
DEFORM was created in 1980 by the American company SFTC and is dedicated to the simulation of massive metal deformation processes, such as forging, deep drawing, heading, extrusion, rolling, machining and others.

DEFORM simulates the hot and cold forming process, considering the thermal, tensile and deformation phenomena related to it. It can be used to simulate an entire metal forming process, starting from cooling of the billet in the passage between heating furnace to the mould, to deformation, until opening of the finish mould with the forecast of the springback.

Complex heading operations can be simulated with a considerable amount of moulds/punches which are subject to non-linear movement kinematics, with floating or armoured moulds.

DEFORM is excellent in the hot and cold forming of steel, brass and of new applications with aluminum.

The simulation of metal forging processes was asserted as one of the most valid aids to obtain considerable savings in the design of moulds and in the quality improvement of the moulded pieces. DEFORM software reduces production starting times, allowing the designer to simulate different design solutions for making moulds and the process, before machining the equipment and the sampling phase.

DEFORM allows designers to streamline the process saving the company money, due to the quality improvement of the componets and less production rejects.


Tecnofirma S.p.A. Tecnofirma S.p.A. has been working for sixty years in the field of the treatment of plastic and metal surfaces. Its experience in the industrial washing and coating sectors is renowned worldwide.
In 1992, it was the first company in the sector to obtain the Quality System certification according to UNI EN ISO 9001 standards.

Through the constant commitment of companies to reach new and ever more efficient quality standards, the issue of cleaning the products took on a prominent place in the machining cycles of the production processes.

Alongside the line below called standard systems, including machines mainly designed to degrease and de-oil products still contaminated by cooling lubricants through sprinkling with water added to specific detergents, Tecnofirma developed an ever more consistent number of special systems throughout the years, made-to-measure to meet customer requirements. These are systems which, thanks to the precise positioning of the product to be treated and to particular engineering measures, guarantee the careful removal of machining swarf, even (as in the case for high-pressure washers) the elimination of precarious burrs from critical recesses (holes, undercuts, threads, hydraulic channels, etc.).

These innovative solutions, made-to-measure to address particular requirements, have often been promoted by the market becoming actual reference standards in the plant engineering sector of industrial washing.

Tecnofirma, through its internal research laboratory, can test processes before industrializing them, with products and different resins and application and firing systems going from traditional convection, to UV to microwave.


SIMAC is a leading company from Modena in the robotic automation of industrial processes capable of improving the quality of the products, the safety of the workers and profitability of the establishments. With a very wide range of products and skills, especially in robotics, SIMAC develops applications in the object handling, assembly and processing field, also using artificial vision, so as to automate strenuous and repetitive processes (even with collaborative robots) and, the same time, integrate production with specific management control applications.