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Ecotre & Brescia University
A valuable partnership for metallurgical companies

Five engineers from Ecotre Valente's technical team lecture for a whole year at the Bachelor’s degree course in

"Industrial Product and Process Techniques"

A great opportunity for students and businesses

Thanks to the partnership between Ecotre Valente and the University of Brescia, talented students will become experts in the use of ProCAST software for the simulation of casting and DEFORM software for the simulation of rolling, moulding and forging.

For a full academic year, students will be made available through a curricular internship to metallurgical companies that want to invest in optimising their products and manufacturing processes.

Metallurgical companies that want to grow

Plant technology is important, but intelligent design is just as critical. 
The evolution of the metallurgical manufacturing sector and today’s increasingly demanding and competitive economic and production environment require qualified technical personnel capable of making the most of the benefits that product and process simulation software, combined with an advanced manufacturing process digitisation methodology, can bring.

If you are a company operating in the metallurgical industry, take advantage of the opportunity to apply to host highly-qualified personnel who are often hard to find in today’s labour market for a full year’s internship.
The university course has a limited number of students and admission is subject to a test, so the availability of internship students for each academic year is limited. 
Being among the first companies to apply for the placement of a student on an internship guarantees you the acquisition of the human resource. It is essential that you contact us before the university course ends in order to gain access to this great opportunity.


If your problem concerns unnecessary casting tests in the foundry and during moulding, then you need to act now to save time and money

Ecotre Valente is the only distributor of state-of-the-art simulation software on the Italian domestic market and the number one Casting simulation dealer in Europe. This makes it the ideal partner for all companies in the metallurgical industry that need predictive product and process software to reduce design and production times, improve blank quality, reduce rejects, and shorten lead times. Reduce costs and increase revenue.

Precision and quality processing are key elements in today’s highly competitive and demanding market, and all manufacturing companies must meet the highest product and process standards if they are to continue to play a role in this market. In order to do this, it is necessary to rely on partners and specialists who can help you achieve your goals immediately.

Ecotre Valente has proven that it has the experience and the best professionals in the use of product and process simulation software and in the digitisation of the manufacturing process.

It is now working alongside Brescia University, with its technical team, to transfer this extensive know-how to new generations.

Ecotre Valente is the ideal partner for all companies in the metallurgical sector that want to be competitive
Now you too can achieve your goals faster with the availability of qualified interns