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Software Simulation

Mechanical characteristics and defects affect the performance of the workpieces.

Predict the behaviour of the products and streamline the projects before the production phase is essential for a company that wants to keep pace with today’s market.

The QuikCAST, ProCAST and DEFORM software programs allow you to virtually produce workpieces, measuring their quality, performance and costs. If the virtual quality control does not lead to workpiece conformity, you must immediately intervene on the computer modifying the component design, the material, the equipment and the process parameters to resolve the problems. These changes are then verified with a second virtual sampling until the requirements set forth by the supply specification are achieved.

Furthermore, in an increasingly demanding market, quality is not enough: costs are always monitored with the simulation and, if greater than budgeted, new virtual samplings are performed to reduce them.

Thanks to the simulation software, the real sampling is positive at the first try. The predictivity of the product is confirmed at the time of sampling.

Simulation is one of the best tools to predict performance, as it transforms data into knowledge, and knowledge into experience. Simulation allows the experiments to be fully controlled and the performances of a System all to be observed.

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  • Dynamic analysis of the process
  • Study of production feasibility
  • Validation of design selections
  • Comparison with alternative solutions
  • Reduction of mould development times
  • Reduction of trials and errors
  • Reduction of rejects
  • Study of new materials and processes
  • Productivity increase
  • Cost reduction
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