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FEA Analysis

Not all companies need to purchase or rent a simulation software. This is why Ecotre Valente, metallurgical and processes specialist, makes its technical know-how available for foundries, die makers and designers by supplying FEA analysis simulation services with the best software on the market.

Starting from the 3D model supplied by the customer and the product and process questionnaire, Ecotre offers FEA analysis simulation services, guaranteeing optimum results the next time put in production and to streamline the performance of the product and of the process by reducing times and costs.

If the customer does not have the 3D model of the component, Ecotre supplies a design and 3D drawing service, according to the customer’s specifications.

FEA Analysis simulation services can be single coin-operated simulations or turnkey packs, through which Ecotre can provide the customer with optimised solutions both on the workpiece only and on the complete mould.


Fatigue is the complex of factors by which a structural element, subject to cyclical stress, demonstrates less resistance than that detected in tests with static stresses. This is generally the most common type of breakage of a component. It occurs after the cyclical application of relatively low stresses, lower than the yield limit and at the breakage limit of the material and can be caused by a microscopic defect, a void in the material, a concentration of stresses due to an abrupt geometrical variation or induced by mechanical processes or other environmental causes such as high-temperature oxidation.

Ecotre Valente supplies simulation services that determine the conditions due to which a crack initiated based on the tensional state, environmental factors and loads. This makes it possible to determine the regions where greater stress conditions occur, recording the minimum and maximum stress peaks so as to correct the geometry of the component to prevent fatigue fractures of the material.

Burst test

Components that work with gas or liquids inside are subject to stress due to the pressure of the fluids. These components are often tested to check their resistance to stress. During these tests and under operating conditions, due to the pressure exerted by the fluids, the component undergoes static stresses that can exceed the yield or fracture limit of the material causing the component to malfunction. Current regulations could require the component to pass the test with a certain safety coefficient.

Ecotre Valente supplies simulation services that perform the test virtually, so as to tell whether or not the component will be able to withstand the internal pressure. This makes it possible to identify the critical zones and to change the geometry or material so that the tests are passed or the required operating conditions are met. Virtual simulation therefore saves a great deal of time and money, reducing the amount of equipment and moulds necessary to build the prototypes.

Press stresses

Stresses build up on the press during the metal forming process owing to the force necessary to form the component. These stresses are distributed on the various mechanical components of the machine, starting from the mould, directly in contact with the workpiece, until reaching all the mechanical parts. Our DEFORM oftware is capable of carrying out a double analysis of the stress:

      It is possible to import the various structural components of the machine, to bind them one to another and to apply known design loads (forces and torques) and, once simulated, to have the efforts, displacements and deformations due to these loads as a result.

      An approach more integrated to the process can also be made which entails simulating a real mould of the component and then performing a FEA analysis of the components of the press using the actual loads resulting from the metal forming simulation and non theoretical design loads.

In both cases, at the end of the simulation the designer can analyse each simulated component of the press individually to understand its more critical zones, also using sections to have a more thorough vision of the efforts, stresses and deformations. This will therefore make it possible to quickly redesign the component.

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