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Processes Chaining

The actual production process includes heat treatments and machining after casting and forming for the component to reach the expected performance. ProCAST and DEFORM talk directly one with another in a native format.

QuikCAST and ProCAST are foundry simulation software programs, that provide multi-physical analyses for all casting processes and pourable alloys.

DEFORM is used for problem-solving of metal forming, to streamline processes and to analyse the load and efforts for hundreds of industrial situations. The rugged simulation motor can forecast the material flow and the thermal and mechanical behaviour.

For example, for a steel ingot, ProCAST results (shrinkage porosity, drops, microstructure, residual stresses) can be used as input data for a forging and heat treatment simulation with DEFORM; the concatenation therefore allows transferring the history of the production process through single stages up until the final product.

Another example could be that of an FEA structural analysis that receives the input data of residual stresses and mechanical properties from ProCAST and DEFORM manufacturing simulations.

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