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Lost Foam

QuikCAST and ProCAST Software Benefit

  • Quality improvement
  • Optimization and saving in the design
  • Improvement of production
  • Enhanced precision
  • Flexibility of use
  • Reduction of calculation times
  • Reduction of production rejects
  • Saves money

Lost Foam : What it is

The lost foam process consists in creating a form in expanded polystyrene, placed in a container filled with sand which is then vibrated, therefore left free at one end, on which the molten metal is poured directly. The molten metal melts the polystyrene, runs in the area left void of the polystyrene itself and takes on the shape inside the sand, creating a perfect replica of the initial disposable simulacrum. After cooling, the piece is removed from the sand for further cooling and cleaning.  This therefore obtains a semi-finished product ready for subsequent processes and treatments.

Lost Foam Simulation: How it works

Simulation of the polystyrene pyrolysis phenomenon, evacuation of gases from the sand and filling of the form: ProCAST simulation software includes all of the features necessary to take into account the effects of interaction between the liquid metal and the polystyrene during the LOST FOAM process, of liquefaction and pyrolysis of the polystyrene model, of the transport of gas products, of the influence of the ceramic coating and the effect of entrapped gas in movement of the liquid metal.

ProCAST offers a complete suite of modules and foundry tools to meet all of today’s industrial requirements. Based on the powerful finite element technology (FEM), ProCAST allows performing predictive evaluations of the entire process of the casting, including filling and solidification defects, mechanical properties and the complex distortion of the part. It allows you to quickly view the effects of design modifications and provides a basis for a correct decision-making process, from the initial production stages. ProCAST can model all casting processes of all pourable alloys, and also addresses other important production processes of the foundry, such as core shooting and heat treatment.

QuikCAST is a quick and efficient solution to assess the complete process. The software addresses the main principles of any casting process: filling, solidification and porosity prediction. QuikCAST has been designed to help the user cut costs and reduce time to market. It can be used in an initial stage to develop the mould and the process and to assess the quality of the molten piece.

For the purchase, hire or a DEMO of the software or if you want to take advantage of a simulation service specially-made by our technical department, write or call us at +39 030 3365383


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