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DEFORM Benefits:

  • Quality improvement
  • Optimization and saving in the design
  • Improvement of production
  • Enhanced precision
  • Flexibility of use
  • Reduction of calculation times
  • Reduction of production rejects
  • Saves money

Machining of Boring: What it is

Boring is a mechanical process for the removal of swarf to obtain high precision holes. It is one of the most widespread finishing processes carried out on machine tools. Using single cutting or multi-cutting tools, an already existing hole can be precisely refined. Usually around a tenth of millimetre or less of material is removed. Boring makes it possible to obtain highly precise holes and to correct any imperfections in the hole axis.

Boring is a mechanical process to slightly correct the axiality and diameter of holes using a boring tool. The rotary motion of the boring tool increases the diameter of the hole, slowly bringing it to the right value, possibly changing the position of the axis. Boring achieves optimal surface finishes and strict dimensional tolerances starting from a pre-processed hole.

Boring simulation by thermal and tensile impact on the tool.

Boring Simulation: How it works

DEFORM is the most important boring simulation software, with a surprising precision reputation, developed after decades of industrial applications. The rugged simulation motor can forecast the material flow and the thermal behaviour.

The Automatic Mesh Generator produces an optimised mesh system, with local control of the size of the element based on the specific process being analysed. This facilitates the greater resolution of geometric features, though maintaining a good control over the general size requirements of the problem, and calculation. A local mesh defined by the user takes into account advanced users with a flexible control to meet their specific requirements.

While DEFORM supplies sophisticated analysis functions, the graphical interface is intuitive and easy to learn. A specific processor for the computer simplifies the routine turning, drilling, boring and milling simulation setup. For more complex processes, the standard process provides considerable flexibility in configuration of the problem.

The software integrates the production of raw material, metal forming, heat treatment and machining, predicting the shape of the swarf, the force of the cuts, the temperature of the tool and of the workplace, the wear of tools and residual stresses. In fact distortion, resulting from the residual stress of the whole of the part, can be modelled.

What customers say about DEFORM:

DEFORM boring simulation software is American and has been optimised to be reliable, quick and easy.
  • EXCELLENT AGREEMENT OF “SOFTWARE RESULTS” WITH “REALITY” DEFORM is the most widely used cold forming simulation software in the world
  • SAMPLING IMMEDIATELY POSITIVEThe simulation makes it possible to identify defects obtained during forming, to understand their causes and therefore to undertake the right corrective actions
  • STARTING TIMES REDUCED TO A MINIMUM The press setting was already tested in simulation. The real sampling will dispose of the machine setup card already defined.
  • REQUIRED PRESS DEFINITION DEFORM indicates the required tonnage for each workstation and therefore indicates which machine is necessary for the process. Planning of samplings and production
  • LONGER MOULD DURATION Tool wear known and reduced thanks to modified mould mechanics. Mould damage phenomena eliminated because expected and therefore taken care of in simulation

For the purchase, hire or a DEMO of the software or if you want to take advantage of a simulation service specially-made by our technical department, write or call us at +39 030 3365383


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