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DEFORM Benefits

  • Quality improvement
  • Optimization and saving in the design
  • Improvement of production
  • Enhanced precision
  • Flexibility of use
  • Reduction of calculation times
  • Reduction of production rejects
  • Saves money

Edging: What it is

Sheet metal edging is a type of sheet metal processing which consists in bending a sheet metal at 180°, creating a real circular edge around the sheet. This process helps to increase the resistance of the sheet metal, to protect it from any bending caused by external factors and to eliminate any fraying or sharp edges.

Edging Simulation: How it works

Thanks to the DEFORM sheet metal beading simulation software, it is possible to calibrate the beading cycle by acting on the path of the tools and other machine parameters. During edgebanding it is essential to achieve a gradual deformation of the material without excessively stressing it, while controlling the machine loads. They are all native results of DEFORM. Through the beading simulation it will in fact be possible to monitor the deformation and residual tension in the material after machining as well as the machine loads and the resistance force on the beading tools, both vertical and radial.

Additionally, optimization techniques can be used to improve sheet metal design, minimize beading stress and predict the number of passes required, as well as avoid potential defects prior to production trials. DEFORM uses the ALE method to reduce computation time, without sacrificing accuracy.

DEFORM is a tool dedicated to production and therefore easy to use. The engineering operator, quality and engineering department will use simulation on a daily basis to troubleshoot the part. In parallel DEFORM can also be used by the Research & Development department for new products. DEFORM software is designed to run on a desktop or workstation PC.

The Americans, producers of DEFORM, have thought of a complete, simple and fast software.

What customers say about DEFORM:

DEFORM edging simulation software is American and has been optimised to be reliable, quick and easy.
  • EXCELLENT AGREEMENT OF “SOFTWARE RESULTS” WITH “REALITY” DEFORM is the most widely used edging simulation software in the world
  • SAMPLING IMMEDIATELY POSITIVE The simulation makes it possible to identify defects obtained during forming, to understand their causes and therefore to undertake the right corrective actions
  • STARTING TIMES REDUCED TO A MINIMUM The press setting was already tested in simulation. The real sampling will dispose of the machine setup card already defined.
  • CERTAIN RAW MATERIAL PROCUREMENT The DEFORM deforming simulation makes it possible to assess different extruded item diameters and therefore to immediately identify the diameter for each code
  • REQUIRED PRESS DEFINITION DEFORM indicates the required tonnage for each workstation and therefore indicates which machine is necessary for the process. Planning of samplings and production
  • LONGER MOULD DURATION Tool wear known and reduced thanks to modified mould mechanics. Mould damage phenomena eliminated because expected and therefore taken care of in simulation

For the purchase, hire or a DEMO of the software or if you want to take advantage of a simulation service specially-made by our technical department, write or call us at +39 030 3365383


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